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All available Just Ears Clinic dates and times for the next couple of months are listed below. Please scroll through using the row of numbers below the dates and times and select your preferred location, date and time.

Please note that Just Ears is unable to see patients under 18. If you are a wheelchair user or have any mobility issues, and visiting one of our clinics in-person (not a telephone appointment), then please call the Head Office first on 03455 27 27 27 to discuss your needs and we will arrange a suitable appointment for you.

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46606Monday Sep 27, 202112:2025Just Ears TonbridgeSelect
46792Tuesday Sep 28, 202113:2025Just Ears OrpingtonSelect
46793Tuesday Sep 28, 202113:4525Just Ears OrpingtonSelect
46323Wednesday Sep 29, 202113:1525Just Ears GuildfordSelect
46325Wednesday Sep 29, 202114:0525Just Ears GuildfordSelect
46326Wednesday Sep 29, 202114:3025Just Ears GuildfordSelect
46327Wednesday Sep 29, 202114:5525Just Ears GuildfordSelect
46351Wednesday Sep 29, 202117:2525Just Ears EsherSelect
46353Wednesday Sep 29, 202118:1525Just Ears EsherSelect
46354Wednesday Sep 29, 202118:4025Just Ears EsherSelect

Earol 24hr Delivery Service

We highly recommend using Earol Olive Oil Spray for 3-5 days before coming along to have your ears cleaned in both ears. Putting oil in both ears will ensure you are able to have both ears treated on the day. This is a guide only and please don't delay your appointment if you are struggling.

The Olive Oil will soften the wax making the microsuction very comfortable. The Earol Olive Oil Spray comes with a specially designed nozzle which is easy to use, less messy and has a long shelf life.

We do not recommend using any other ear products other than olive oil as these products are not designed to be used before microsuction procedure and could delay your treatment. We have also noted that in some of our patients that these preparations also cause soreness and irritation to the ear canals.

For your convenience we can mail this out to your doorstep, arriving within 24 hours, so freeing you up to get on with the important things in your life.

Please tick below if you would like Earol delivered to you for £9.95 (Earol £6 & £3.95 P&P for next day delivery). Orders need to be made before 14:00 to guarantee delivery for the next day. Payment is made at the end of the booking process.